Space for children projets

The main objective of Space for children, an original idea of Seguin Poirier, is to embellish urban spaces with creative enamel on copper children’s paintings.

It was first introduced by the artist in 2007, and since, the project has been successfully carried out in several schools and institutions in Quebec such as the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport, the Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Desjardins Group of Rosemont-Mercier, Vanguard School, etc.

Projet Espace enfant

It is a promising project that bridges the humanitarian and artistic needs of children in our society. The paintings done by children in the framework of this activity reveal their sentiments and needs in their specific time and place, and make the society know and appreciate them more than ever. By this beautiful initiative, the artist seeks to emphasize the importance of their creativity, develop their artistic skills, and leave a positive mark in their lives.

In all “Space for children” projects, Seguin Poirier has participated in the artistic assemblage of the enamel tiles created by children to build huge murals for embellishing the walls of schools and offices. The murals vivify the work places with colors and immortalise the liberty and space given to children to let their imagination free. The enormous success of more than 50 “Space for children” projects made possible the publication of the book “Espace Enfant, Tome 1” in 2013 that recounts 29 of these colorful activities.



Space for children

The main objective of « Space for children », an original idea of Seguin Poirier, is to embellish urban spaces with creative enamel on copper children’s paintings.

Space for children project


Age-of-art Workshop

Giving the elderly people the possibility to take part in an original and creative project

Age-of-art project




Create, develop and promote with "educational-artistic" projects

PEE mission



Félix Leclerc project

Democratise art by making it accessible to 2000 citizens of Greater Montreal.

Félix Leclerc project


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