Age-of-art project

Taking care of elderly people through a creative activity!

Projet Espace Âge d'Art

What is an Age-of-Art Workshop?

The painter-enameller Bernard Seguin Poirier has followed his dream for the artistic development of children with his project “Space for Children” since 2007. The enormous success of “Space for Children” led him to another dream: bringing art to the sometimes-monotonous lives of the elderly people who can accompany children in their creative enamel-on-copper creation. The main objective of “Age of Art” is the realisation of a collective work of art by both children and elderly people, who can seldom get together around the same activity in our society.

Their collective creation, enamel-on-copper, will be an immortal work of art!

Enamel-on-copper is resistant to decay and cannot be destroyed by any natural elements. Therefore, their immortal work can stay in their place of installation for decades and even more!

Requirements for an Age-of-Art workshop:

  • 30 adultes minimum
  • At least 30 participants;
  • A two-hour workshop with the artistic direction of Bernard Seguin Poirier;
  • Realisation of an individual enamel-on-copper work (dimension is to be chosen);
  • Learning enamel-on-copper techniques during the workshop;
  • Creation of a collective mural with the artistic participation of Seguin Poirier;
  • Framing and installation of the mural by Séguin Poirier.

Important :

For the institutions located outside the Greater Montreal, the workshops can take place in the building of the organiser’s establishment. Where required, extra logistic costs will be added.

For elderly people, the activity means:

  • An original and creative activity with competent leaders;
  • Meeting and exchange with the enthusiastic artist Bernard Seguin Poirier;
  • Creation of an enamel-on-copper work in a friendly atmosphere;
  • Participation in a collective mural resistant to decay;
  • Leaving a good memory of your participation that will be published in a book compiling Age-of-Art activities;
  • Discovering the magic of imagination and the artist in you!

For the institutions organizing the event, it means:

  • Giving the elderly people the possibility to take part in an original and creative project;
  • Privileging the creativity of the old generations and developing their sentiment of belonging to the society;
  • Enhancing their social activities by encouraging them to participate in the opening day of the mural, and to contribute to the publication of the book Age-of-Art by their presence and enthusiasm;
  • Encouraging the employees to invest more in human relationships and the creativity of elderly people, and benefit from tax advantages;
  • Publication of derivatives in the name of the organizing institution as it can have the copyright for the activity;
  • Promoting the realisation of the mural by organising an opening day for the participants, their families, and the employees.

For the society, it means:

Taking care of elderly people through a creative activity!


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Age-of-art Workshop

Giving the elderly people the possibility to take part in an original and creative project

Age-of-art project




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