Bernard Seguin Poirier


As long as there are children …
As long as there’s love … As long as there will be music …
I will walk through nature in search of light.

Since 1986, the painter-enameller Bernard Séguin Poirier is the managing director of the art gallery. For a long time, he has been teaching public his technics, enamel on copper, in his galleria in Les Cèdres. In fact, in the early 2000s, he sets up the Project Space for Children, to offer all children a space and a time for free creation, by collecting their squares of enamel on copper for big walls of mosaics installed in public and private companies all around in Quebec and even in the world.

I work day and night to translate emotions, luminous energy, resounding sounds and constant love that reside in my heartSeguin Poirier