The Séguin Poirier Gallery is the only Gallery in Quebec to present enamel-on-copper art, as practised by the artist Bernard Seguin Poirier, to a local and international audience.

At the Gallery, you can visit an impressive collection of the artist’s enamel-on-copper works in different dimensions. You can also find a variety of other products such as posters, cards and beautiful calendars. The calendars usually illustrate the gallery projects and activities and contain different works of the artist.

Our Gallery organise creative enamel-on-copper workshops for all age groups in Montreal and in Quebec Province. During these workshops, the participants learn enamel-on-copper techniques in an hour-and-a-half session, and are guided by the gallery teachers during the workshop so that they can finish their enamelling successfully.

Through our artistic-educational activities such as “Space for Children” (Espace Enfant) and, we try to connect art and education and bring art to educational and corporative institutions. Our other innovative projects “Art-Age Space” (Espace Age d’art) and “Generations” allow bringing together children and elderly people, and therefore encourage the possibility to all age groups and generations to participate in our activities and make creative enamelling.