The success of the project « Space for Children » has led Seguin Poirier Gallery to the organisation of another project that privileges the interactivity between generations.

The idea of the project comes from the reality of today’s society in which different generations often do not find the occasion to meet and communicate. Thanks to this artistic activity, we can unify different age-groups around the same unifying project so that they can create together enamel-on-copper pieces for the construction of a fantastic mural celebrating their collective and colorful activity.

We propose the activity to grandparents-children-grandchildren who would like to do an artistic activity together and assemble their enamel-on-copper creations in the form of a mural.

It is also possible to communicate with an educational institution to plan workshops in the framework of Generations Project. For instance, Beau-Séjour School in the Greater Montreal did the Age-of-Art activity in March 2014 with 43 participants in Gouin Manor. After their intergenerational workshops, they organized a festive opening day with the presence of elderly people, children and their parents in April 2014. That was a magnificent day for Beau-Séjour School and Seguin Poirier Gallery!