The Felix Leclerc Murals’ Project

Through the Felix Leclerc Murals, we attempted to democratise art by making it accessible to 2000 citizens of Greater Montreal. With enamel-on-copper tiles made by these participants and the artist Seguin Poirier, we constructed 24 murals of 98 tiles of 6×6 inches (for a total surface of 86 x 7 feet). We are going to put on an itinerary exhibition with the murals which will be considered as part of the tourist attraction of Vaudreuil-Soulanges. The opening of the Murals will take place the 18th July to the 15th September at the artist’s gallery and workshop in Les Cèdres, to celebrate the hundredth birthday of the singer.

The Felix Leclerc Murals Project attempted to develop creativity and artistic competence from our citizens. It made possible the creation of enamel-on-copper paintings by participants for the construction of the mentioned murals which concentrate on the illustration of 20 songs of Felix Leclerc.

This great project is part of the project “Espace Enfant” as they share the same values, vision and mission.

Moreover, the project donates 20$ (on each enamel tile) to the Felix Leclerc House for its reconstruction. Overall, the Felix Leclerc House has received 30 000$ on behalf of the Felix Leclerc Murals’ Project.