Creative enamel-on-copper workshops for all

Seguin Poirier Gallery is happy to invite you for enamel-on-copper workshop in weekdays.
You can organize solo, duo or group workshops according to your availability!

These workshops give you a unique occasion to create an enamel-on-copper work and find the artist in you.
The experienced team of the Gallery will give you a lot of useful tips
so that you can succeed your enamelling while following your imagination and creativity.

After a demonstration by a instructor from the Gallery, you will start to sift colorful powders on a copper tile.
We will teach you how to draw on the powdered surface and color your drawing.
Then, we will cook your drawing in one of our kilns for 3-4 minutes in a very high temperature (between 1500 and 2000° F)!

Once that your drawing is cooled down, it is ready for hanging!
We are sure that at the end of the workshop, you will leave the Gallery not only with your enamel-en-copper work but with a contented smile!

To reserve : 450.452.2629, 514.989.1529 or