What are walls by Séguin Poirier?

Since the early 200s, Séguin Poirier is willing to democratize art, by teaching his technics, enamel on copper. That’s why he sets workshops for children and adults, and let them freely create a design on colored glass of powder ( this one becomes enamel after a cooking of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, that is to say 1371 ˚C).

Then, these squares of glass on copper are assembled wall, as hudge mosaics, settled in public and private companies. (for example in Montreal : the international airport, St-Justine hospital for children, many banks, Raymond Chabot Grand Thornton, room world trade, the Casino, etc. and also, in more than around thirty schools everywhere in Quebec!)

In front of the success met with the children, he sets up then the Project Space for Children in 2006. At the moment, 50 000 children of Quebec have already created a square of enamel on copper.

And the adventure goes on with the Project Age-of-Art space, which ones aims to democratize art with our senior citizens, and with Generations Project, which tends to bind the youngest and the oldest as they realize collective walls.