He creates his work in his House-Chapel-Gallery in Les Cèdres, belonging to the cultural heritage since 1982. The Chapel jointed to his house is embellished entirely with fantastic enamel-on-copper mosaics which illustrate 160 religious and pagan ceremonies celebrated in Quebec. The House-Chapel-Gallery presents a wide range of his enamel paintings and gives you the possibility of learning his techniques and organising cultural or personal events. His exceptional enamel-on-copper works focus on themes as simple as nature, family, music, every-day life, and animals.

Seguin Poirier Gallery organise and welcome hundreds of cultural and personal events every year such as openings, gourmet parties with artistic performances, weddings, conferences, creative enamel-on-copper workshops, guided tours, gourmet buffets, cocktail parties, brunches, etc.

The artist Séguin Poirier is interested as much in art as in children and their education. Thanks to his love for children, he founded the project “Space for Children” in 2007. In the framework of this artistic-educational project, he has travelled to a lot of schools and institutions in Quebec to give creative enamel-on-copper workshops to children, and to construct fantastic murals with their enamel paintings. These murals have been installed in schools and offices in order to highlight the importance of children’s’ creativity and power of imagination.

After the enormous success of “Space for Children”, Seguin Poirier founded the non-profit organisation “Space for Children Foundation” in September 2013.